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Magnetic fields cannot be perceived by humans while some birds can. Using a magnetic field sensitive paper, I revealed the fields surrounding stacked magnet and draw magnetic lines.

Lines of magnetic fields cannot be perceived by the human eye. I used magnet and iron dust to reveal those lines.

Natural light appears to us as white since photons of different wavelength (colors) are mixed. I used a compact disc to refract the light and separate the colors of natural light.

The realm

Space and volume can be perceived uniquely if light is reflected and render light and shadows. Using black paint absorbing 99.9% of light, the objects appear like two dimensional surfaces.

Sound creates air movement with specific patterns. I captured those patterns with a laser reflected on a mirror fixed atop a flexible membrane vibrating under the effect of two resonating pures sounds (75 and 115Hz).

Perception of color contrasts changes depending on the context. On a dark background. colors appear more vibrant.

Sounds creates waves in water

CO2 is invisible to the eye until mixed with water in a gaseous state.

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