OLIVIER GSCHWEND | Photography & Digital art | Neuroscience

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Perception appears to us accurate. Like a reality. It gathers sensations and imprint them in a web of neuronal connections, a memory. Many memories. Of the places we have been to, the things we have created, the conversations we have exchanged, the people we have met. Those we have loved, in particular. And sometimes life take back what she offered: those we have loved. From that moment, only their memory remains. Their images and the feeling they carry are like a ring of water emerging from a stone thrown in a lake. First it appears very clear and precise. Then, it fades away while moving away from its source. Memory, like a ring of water, fade away with the passage of time. The souvenirs of the beloved person shift to a blurry sensation, their boundaries spread around our mind.


This project is dedicated to my mother who passed away in 2018 from Parkinon disease. It is an attempt to represent my love for her, the pain that her loss provoked, my memory of her, its incontrollable decay with time and the feeling that is associated with it.

Mnemonic 1: Swiss Alps in Valais. This pic has been taken by my mother's partner, Jean-Pierre, with whom she spent more than 30 years of her life.

Mnemonic 2: Swamp in les Pontins, Switzerland. The swamp was covered by yellow daffodil blooming at early spring. This pic has been taken by my mother's partner, Jean-Pierre.

Mnemonic 3: Ancient fortified door, Jordan. This picture was taken by Viviane, one of her long time friend.

Mnemonic 4: Autel where the ashes of my mother have been buried. We planted a rose tree and added flowers and the stones that she gathered during her travel all over the world.